Welcome to They're All Real, we are a roleplay series which is basically a mixture of supernatural and high school.

This page is to provide information about the roleplay in general. Sadly this is a closed group, and the roleplay will be done between those who remain.
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New Rule Concerning God

To create a god now, pre-existing or not, you must have the idea of having a god approved when reserving the character. This even includes if it’s a secret plot.

If it’s a pre-existing character you want to be a god, who is already in play, then you must re-submit a profile for that character and have the idea of a god approved by the admin.

Important Admin Post

1) All god characters must be okayed by the admin, even if you already have god characters. This includes upgrading characters in the rp to god status.

1a) Gods cannot influence or affect characters outside of their own pantheons unless stated otherwise by the roleplayer.

2) The admin have noticed the overwhelming amount of secondary characters, who are rarely used, with popular actors. We are no longer allowing you to take popular actors as a secondary character (those who don’t have accounts).

3) If a character is not listed on your cast page and someone else claims them, they will be given the right to take the character. We have given multiple warnings.

4) Do not take any actors or animated forms without reserving them, we have had many people do this and it has caused some problems.

5) Site wide plots must be ran by and approved by the admin.

6)  If you wish to have a character from history, or myth, or something else you must first run it by the admin and make sure you reserve this character. This is so we don’t have people fighting over one figure.

Warning; Pestering the admins to look at profile will lead to an automatic unapproval of the character. You have been warned.


This means;

  • Asking on the same day that we have got the profile.
  • Pestering when one or both have stated they will not be doing admining on x day.

As it stands at the moment


Oberon - KING OF FEY; Jen

Puck - FEY; Jen

Peter Pan; Rico


Cassandra - Helen; Usa

Ramesses II - Asenath’s Father; Usa

Nefertari - Asenath’s Mother; Usa

Amun-her-khepsef - CLASSIFED

Maria Romanov - Maria Romanov; Usa

Lucrezia Borgia - Lucrezia; Usa


King Arthur - DECEASED; Usa

Sir Gawain - CLASSIFED

Sir Gareth - CLASSIFED

Sir Morholt - CLASSIFED

Sir Griflet - CLASSIFED

Merlin - ROLFE; Usa

Morgan Le Fey - LILITH; Usa

Modred - DECEASED; Usa





Dracula - WIGGINS; Soap


Ceridwen - GODDESS; Usa


Vejovis - GOD; Usa


Chernobog - GOD; —-


Hestia - GODDESS; Usa

Aceso - GODDESS; Usa

Apollo - GOD; Jen

Atlas - TITAN; Frankii


Melpomene - MUSE; Kimi

Aeode - MUSE; Rosie

Clio - MUSE; Rosie

Euterpe - MUSE; Rosie

Calliope - MUSE; Rosie

Erato - MUSE; Rosie

Thalia - MUSE; Rosie

Polyhymnia - MUSE; Rosie

Hippolyta - AMAZON; Jen

Eris - GODDESS; Usa

Khaos - GOD; Usa

Himeros - CHILD OF GOD; Rico

Eros - CHILD OF GOD; Rico

Pathos - CHILD OF GOD; Rico

Antheros - CHILD OF GOD; Rico

Aphrodite - GODDESS; Rico

Ares - GOD; Rico

Nyx - GODDESS; Rico

Athena - GODDESS; Rico

Artemis - GODDESS; Jen

Dyn - GOD; Grace

Hade - GOD; Payden

Hermes - GOD; Care

Zeus - GOD; Care

Hera - GODDESS; Care

Mnemosyne - GODDESS; Rosie

Psyche - WIFE OF EROS; Rico


Wadjet - MALINDA; Usa


Apep - CLAYTON; Rico


Gondul - MARIA; Usa

Loki - GOD; Usa

Freyja - GODDESS; Usa

Hel - GODDESS; Rico



Lilith - DAEMON QUEEN; Usa

Lucifier - LUCIFIER; Usa

Xaphan - FALLEN ANGEL; Jen

Raziel - ARCHANGEL; Jen

Gabriel - ARCHANGEL; Jen

Michael - ARCHANGEL; Jen

Raphael - ARCHANGEL; Jen

Uriel - ARCHANGEL; Jen

Ariel - ARCHANGEL; Jen

Chamuel - ARCHANGEL; Jen

Azrael - ARCHANGEL; Jen

Jophiel - ARCHANGEL; Jen

Haniel - ARCHANGEL; Jen

Zadkiel - ARCHANGEL; Jen

Jeremiel - ARCHANGEL; Jen





Starting from today until the 6th I shall be holding Fearleading tryouts!
I’m not gender bias, there are limited spots of 6.
It’s not first come, first serve. I am picky, so give me a reason to pick you.
(ooc: Lul write up or vid a try out and send the link via fanmail to this account.)



Starting from today until the 6th I shall be holding Fearleading tryouts!

I’m not gender bias, there are limited spots of 6.

It’s not first come, first serve. I am picky, so give me a reason to pick you.

(ooc: Lul write up or vid a try out and send the link via fanmail to this account.)


Of some rules;

Death -

  1. If a character dies they must remain dead. If you wish to bring them back then you must contact the admin and inform them, this was put in place two months after TAR started because of how many people was using the; ‘Dead one day, alive the next’ card.
  2. Gods can die in the mortal plain, when they die in the mortal plain they return to the immortal one. If you wish to kill a god completely, this can only be done if there is a replacement in reserve to take on their role so the balance is kept. Example; Mstislav killed the Bies God, he has hence taken on that position so the balance is kept. 

Soulmates -

  1. One soulmate claim per character, unless like of course one dies. Must inform the admin, so we don’t have it go over the top again.

There are no restrictions at the moment else wise. Just felt I should remind people.

Accounts and Stuff

If your TAR account does not have -TAR in the name in some shape or form, and does not have an image of your character as the icon (or as how you’re representing them on that day.) I shall take this as a nod that you have left TAR or are not wanting to be apart of the roleplay. I give the members permission to unfollow that person. Also don’t put TAR in your name if you’re not an approved member of the roleplay; which means you have to had put in an audition and got it approved by Jen and myself.

Also make sure your cast page is up to date, as well as the other pages. I will updating them tomorrow as I have no University; reserve, cast pages, ect.

For The Archangel of Love and His Helps

With Valentine’s Day coming up, the good old Archangel of Love has a little something up his sleeve. Something small for all the students, a gift to give. The days leading up to Valentine’s day you can get magical roses, that are real and charmed to never die.

The Colourings;
Red: Love (Bright red - Love, Burgundy - Unconscious love, Rosebud - Youthful love and Beauty)
Pink: Gratitude (Dark - appreciation / gratitude, Light - Admiration, Peach-Pink - Modesty)
Orange: Crush/Secret Admirer
Yellow: Friendship
White: Commitment
Lavender: Enchantment

Red and White - Unity
Red and Yellow - Jovial Happiness
Pink and White - Forever Love
Orange and Yellow - Passionate Thoughts
Pale - Sociability and friendship

If you wish to add a message to these orders, please place them in your messages and they’ll be sent along with the orders.

Please send the messages to the TAR account, upon the 14th these will be sent out via anon. Please include who you want to get these flowers, and what colouring/combination.

Reblog: New Rules at Lyonessa and Lilith is sharing Deputy Head with Mdjai.


It doesn’t matter what they do outside the school, off school grounds. But upon school grounds limitations;

1. Killing of any kind, all will be investigated by a selected group from within the school. If it is unprovoked and there is not logical reasoning for it then the student/professor will…

Information on the Fading Off

  • The more crimes a person has committed, the longer it will take for the feelings to go away.  Like let’s say…Calla would only take probably a day whereas someone like Angel (lolnooffense Shelly) would take about a week.  But as the time goes by, the feeling will lessen.
  • People will still remember how it felt afterwards.
  • Any questions about it, ask Jen.